Testing Summary


n time we hope to do an even more comprehensive test that will show us the exact difference in energy loss among all the different insulations. But for now, the results of our existing test can be put in a nutshell like this:

  • The thin products such as double bubble, insul-tarp, The Barrier®, etc. are nearly a waste of mon-ey. There wasn’t a lot of difference between having them or having no insulation beneath you slab. Either way, the heat continues to go down and away. Radiant barriers (any foil products) are worthless beneath a slab. In order to reflect heat, they must have an air space. As soon as anything, be it dust, water, foam, or concrete, touches foil, it can no longer reflect heat.
  • 2” of the XPS products (green, pink, and blue board) are nearly equal to Hitz Halter (EPS product) when they are new, but will absorb water and lose up to 50% or more of their R-value over time. They also only come in 4’x8’ sheets which makes for complicated shipping and time-consuming installation.
  • Also note that 2” of Hitz Halter allowed the temperature to rise less than 10 degrees right below the insulation while 1½” product exhibited at least 30 degrees of temperature rise directly below the slab. So don’t try and fool yourself into thinking that you could save money through purchasing thinner product. You will pay it all (and more) back to the utility company.

Hitz Halter Offers

  • 24’ fan-folded sheets to allow swift installation, easy 1 man handling, and convenient shipping and storage
  • Durable 3 mil film on both sides = nearly unbreakable sheets
  • 6” grid printed on one side for convenient and efficient rebar and pex tubing placement
  • Preventol® termiticide to prevent termite tunneling
  • Stable, long-term performance with 20 year limited warranty for physical and thermal performance, as well as for termite resistance
  • 100% virgin material for increased integrity
  • Actual stated density – many manufacturers’ foam is actually up to 25% less than their advertised density

The bottom line

We have not found any other product that offers the long-term performance, the ease and expedition of installation, and the convenience of shipping and handling for the price of the Hitz Halter.