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The Hitz Halter Advantage

Hitz Halter is the #1 product for all radiant floor applications. It is insect-resistant, water-resistant, and made from 100% virgin material. Hitz Halter is user-friendly, storage-friendly, and has a variety of features that make it ideal for any application.

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Preventol® Termiticide

We have the maximum amount of termiticide to prevent insect tunneling and deter rodents.

3mil film poly layer film on each side

Eliminates the need for a seperate vapor barrier, and it's 3x stronger than competitors.

Installer friendly
4' x 24' fanfold design

Easy to store, transport, and install. It can be cut to fit any size application.

6" x 6" Inch grid marked for easy PEX, rebar and staple placement

No more chalk lines on 12 or 18 inch centers for PEX, its already there.

Storage friendly,
4' x 4' x 8'h skids

Making it easy to store and transport. Our skids come wrapped in plastic and can be transported on a trailer directly to the job site.

100% virgin material

We do not use any recycled or leftover foam in our product. This means no inconsistencies in R-value, strength, and rigidity.

Does not water-log

This makes it perfect for below grade application. Retains approximately 4x water than XPS, leading to 40% reduction in R-Value depreciation

Sleeves for outside storage

Makes it able to withstand any whether condition. Hitz Halter is also water-resistant, so it will not be damaged by snow or rain.

Keeps walks and driveways from heaving

Water-resistant and fire-retardant, making it the perfect choice for walks and driveways.

Greenhouse Topsoil Insulation

Use under greenhouse topsoil with pex to maintain ideal soil tempatures.

Poultry Barn Insluation

Our insulation is a great solution for keeping poultry barns warm in the winter.

Hitz Halter Technical Specifications

Quality Performance.
Lasting Value.

Hitz Halter is tested to be 15-year below grade. We found no degradation of Thermal Resistance, Dimensional Stability or Physical Strength after a 15-year foundation exposure test.